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A Plan for The Next Gen

Plan TNG Education Group

About Us

The Plan TNG Education Group has ten years of experience in education and family connection in Malaysia. We are passionate about solving problems and providing solutions relating to education, child development and family matters.

Plan TNG Education Group is committed to impacting our world through education.

The member firms of Plan TNG offer:

- direct education services for child and parents

- education and parenting products for child and parents

- research (focus groups, surveys, facilitating talks, creating micro edu-movies) on topics relating to education, family matters and child development

We want to impact our world through education, by building upon our past, connecting families in the present and improving our future.

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Daisy is the mother of 3 and Chief Education Officer of Plan TNG Education Group.


In the quest of optimising her children's potential, she begins her journey to learning about education, development and comes to a realisation that 

- every child is a gift,

- every child has a gift

- every child is gifted

The ingredients to raising a child with optimised potential (who goes on to make a positive impact in our world) are simple, but the secret in the sauce lies in the hands of parents.

Daisy graduates from University College London with a degree in Economics and have furthered her postgraduate work in Early Childhood Education, Applied Neuroscience from Kings College London. She is also Malaysia's pioneer Dr Sears Health Coach in family and pre-natal nutrition. Prior to this, she was an investment banker who had worked in London, NY, Singapore and HK before settling down in KL.


She founded Trinity Kids Malaysia which has won over 50 educational awards to date. Her specific research interest are multilingualism and creativity. Daisy has written proven educational programs and services for Trinity Kids, Gifted Kids and third party firms. She has authored two books on child development and pens a regular column for a parenting magazine.

Gifted Kids Asia Research Group

A research consultancy dedicated to studying topics and creating solutions in education, child development and family matters

Trinity Kids Malaysia

A boutique group of child care centres, nursery and play schools dedicated to multilingualism, creativity and optimising children's potential.

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